The way a cleft lip and/or palate will impact breastfeeding depends on its position and entity. Knowing what other parents have achieved is helpful in formulating realistic feeding expectations for breastfeeding.

This website has been designed as a collection of resources for parents, healthcare professionals, parent-to-parent  support contacts and supportive family and friends. A good place to start is ‘What to expect’ and the successive posts in the revolving slider above – these are printable for easy reference and make a useful ‘booklet’ (and will be available in e-book form in the near future).

I offer phone/Skype coaching if you need help finding support near you, can help you navigate your way through the information that is available both online and in print form, and can help devise a feeding plan. Don’t hesitate to contact me in person.

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Language note:

I have made an effort to use inclusive language that represents all parents, carers, families and users of this site. I avoid using gender specific terms such as ‘mother’ and ‘father’ unless referring to  specific mothers and/or fathers. I welcome your feedback.