aboutSeven years ago I was pregnant with my second daughter, Miriam. I went for a routine 16 week ultrasound and discovered that my baby would be born with a cleft lip and palate. I barely knew what that meant, but somewhere deep inside I felt that carefree breastfeeding experience  – which I hadn’t had with my firstborn and hoped to have this time around –  come crashing down. I left that appointment in a fog, not knowing what to do next. Somehow, I found the information that would guide me through feeding Miriam for the first seven months of her life.

The information in this site is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, nor to substitute the support of a professional lactation consultant – it is simply intended as a collection of resources and information to help other families provide breast milk for their cleft affected babies.

I am available for phone/Skype consultations if you feel the need to talk to someone and be guided through the breastfeeding resources I mention here. I can help devise a feeding plan which you can share with your health care providers. I can also liaise directly with health care providers who are interested in improving their services for cleft affected babies and families.

Best wishes,

mother to Nora 12 and Miriam 7 (born with UCLP)


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